Placing Popular Culture

Summary This assignment allows you to critically engage with a text that you have a strong connection with, and share your findings in prepared presentation materials. You text should relate to one of the module topics, and should be connected to the necessary module readings. Outside research may also be necessary, depending on your topic. Your topic must be different from your original Coursework 1 submission. Assignment Description Project Details: You will construct either a Powerpoint presentation or a Google Slides presentation. This will contain 10 15 slides and will include presenter notes in the file. Prepare the materials as you would present them in an actual presentation. Your presentation should include: INTRODUCTION: o The introduction provides a review of the text/topic and its theoretical history and context. It will not be just a recap of the lecture. Instead, it will outline your approach to the subject. ANALYSIS/CONTEXT: o Your topic will be something that you are truly familiar with, preferably a text from your personal background and/or upbringing. o Please include the following, as relevant: What: A brief introduction of your media text and how it fits into the teams topic. The production of meaning. Where: The context of your media text. How is your media text situated within wider social and economic systems? Why: Some points to consider in the analysis of your media text – How has the meaning of the text evolved over time? How does it relate to place? How does it produce, reflect, or challenge socio-cultural issues? CONCLUSION: o Final points that summarize your analysis and its contextualization within the chosen lecture week theme. What You Need to Deliver To be delivered: A 10 15 slide Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation. Presenter notes included in the Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation that outline what would be said in a live presentation. These can be in point form, but must be clearly articulated in full sentences A final slide that lists references in Harvard Style. Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Assignment This assignment assesses the following module learning outcomes: LO1: Examine how meaning is produced in and through popular culture texts. LO2: Develop an understanding of popular culture as a place of social and economic movement. LO3: Critically explain popular cultural texts as informed by their historical context. Ethics The ethical issues associated with this brief will be covered on the module. However, the work that you will carry out on this module does not require you to obtain ethical clearance for your individual project. If, during discussion with your module tutor, it is felt that ethical clearance is needed, you will be advised of the process and the deadline for obtaining that clearance. If clearance is not obtained by the deadline, then you will not be able to proceed with the project. If you do so without clearance, the project will not be accepted for submission, will not be marked and you may face disciplinary penalties. For full details of the Universitys policy on ethics, please click here. The CU Ethics portal can be found here. Submission Requirements Your work for this module will be submitted by 18:00 on 01/07/2019 via the modules Moodle space. You must include your full name in the file titles of all documents submitted. You must make every effort to submit the best work possible prior to the deadline. If your assignment is submitted online please do not leave it until the last minute to submit. Aim to submit in the working day before or on the deadline, or earlier, in case there are problems submitting. If you fail to submit work for the module or submit an assessed piece of work late without an agreed extension, you will receive a mark of 0% for that piece of work, even if it is one minute late. As this is a resit, if you pass, your mark will be capped at 40%. If you fail the resit assignment, or fail to submit for it, you have only one more attempt at the assignment.