Postdigital as reactionary

Context This assignment builds on your learning from the class fieldwork tasks, seminars and lectures. You will need to apply the taught content of the module to your work. Assignment Description You are tasked to write an academic essay that conveys your understanding of one module topic in relation to the modules core theme the relationship between space and place. You may select a topic from the following list: The Postdigital Home and Body The Postdigital Community Postdigital as Reactionary Postdigital Cultures: Film and Television Postdigital Cultures: News and Journalism Postdigital Cultures: Music You may (and should) draw on real world examples to explain your understanding of these concepts and you should include relevant academic theory that supports your understanding. As this is a resit assignment, you may not use examples from any previous submission. This assignment accounts for 70% of this modules marks. As this is a resit, your grade will be capped at 40% for the assignment. Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Assignment This assignment assesses the following module learning outcomes: Learning Outcomes Assessed in this assignment LO1: adapt and apply key concepts in media and communication to the analysis of lived space YES LO2: classify and describe how everyday practices intertwine with material cultures to produce lived space, with particular emphasis on historically specific regimes of media and space; YES LO3: understand environmental impacts of media, technology, and material cultures and apply that understanding to an original case study NO LO4: apply analytical and qualitative methods to the study of media artifacts and space. NO