Provide details of the legislation. What does it seek to do and how?

One of the learning objectives for this semester is for students to build knowledge and skills necessary to develop intervention plans with various-sized systems including individuals, families, and larger social systems. To help students build skills for advocating and intervening at the larger system level, all students in this course will contact a state or federal legislator. 1. Locate the legislative agenda of your state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). 2. Choose one item on the legislative agenda that is relevant to a client/client system with whom you are working in your field placement. You are not necessarily limited to the agenda chosen by NASW, and you are welcome to identify any piece of legislation that is relevant to your client. 3. On behalf of your client or client population, contact your legislator by phone or e-mail, or write a letter to a member of your state or federal legislature in which you address the legislative agenda on which you have chosen to focus. See Week 11 for guidelines on contacting your legislator, including a model letter. 4. Complete the outline within Week 11 content that discusses your experiences with the assignment. Outline questions 1. Provide the names and contact information of your federal and state legislators. You can do so by filling out your address information at the following web address: 2. Decide which legislation you want to contact your legislator(s) about. Provide the bill number and name. 3. Provide details of the legislation. What does it seek to do and how? 4. Decide how you would like your legislator to vote. 5. How might this bill affect the client(s) with whom you work? In other words, why is this important? 6. If it is at a state level, you will contact your state legislators. If it is at a federal level, you will contact your federal legislators. How did you contact your legislator(s)? Options include: face to face meeting, letter, email, phone call. 7. What was the process like for you? 8. Have you heard back? If so, what was the response of your legislator?