Psychosocial Processes and Interaction Skills Needed When Working With the Elderly Client

FORMAT: 8-10 pages, typed in 12 New Times Roman font ONLY, double spaced, 1 inch margins, minimum of three different sources of information (books, articles, online sources), include bibliography according to American Psychological Association (APA format required). should have numerous references and a minimum of FOUR.MUST ADDRESS1. Psychosocial process of aging (NOT Physiologic)Psychologic and sociologic theories on normal aging (Maslow and Erikson’sModels). FOCUS ON OLDER ADULTS ONLY!2. Special challenges faced by elderlyStereotyping, mythsage as predisposing factor for psychosocial problems/diseasesemotional challenges, age-related barriers3. Communication skills and motivational techniques appropriate for interacting with elderly in the health care environment4. “Individuality” in the elderly