Public Health Community Vulnerability

a. Identify a community of concern based on vulnerability (using tools from community commons (
b. Provide background on your community
i. Demographics
ii. Vulnerable population of focus

II. Identify 2 social determinants of health (SDoH) impacting your identified community and provide maps to show how they effect your specific intervention area

III. Provide a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for your community and identify 2 health disparities impacting your community public health topic/issue/problem and its impact on your population
a. provide a one page write up documenting (with references) the link between each of your chosen health disparities and your selected SDoH

IV. Using what works for health ( select 2 interventions (one individual based and one either Policy, System, Environmental) that address your 2 health disparities
a. Begin to fill out your Community Action Plan (CAP) template

V. Complete and describe your CAP in a way that connects all 4 above steps to detail how you would engage your community in a Community Health Improvement Plan
a. Your completed CAP should include: details on what experts know about the health issue and the types of interventions that have helped to address it, (provide evidence from at least one organization that is attempting to address the health issue.)
b. References (from at least 10 peer-reviewed journals) should be used and cited properly, and are not included in the 8-10 page limit.