Queen of the south by Perez-Reverte

Directions: Each question should be answered in at least two fully developed paragraphs. Be concise but use quotes from book to support your thoughts. Please review MLA for writing this type of quiz, as well as, for using text citations and quoting procedures. You will not receive complete credit for answers without some type of support from sources other than your own thoughts. Check your grammar, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure. Then, when you feel you are ready, write the responses to each question in the two required paragraphs. There should be a total of twenty paragraphs at the end of the quiz. There should be ten distinct answers related to the questions originally posed. Be sure to follow the correct numbers in your responses. Book is QUEEN OF THE SOUTH by Perez-Reverte . 1.) What were some examples about globalization and law enforcement in this novel? Were they positive or negative in your opinion? 2.) In the prison, there were many different women from diverse countries/regions around the world. What does this indicate about a specific place and globalized networks of crime? 3.) Explain the following passage concerning the contents of the Perez-Reverte book. Iberian and Latin American novels reshape thoughts, perspectives, realities, boundaries, and transnational activities. Geographical landscapes assume a new importance as a support for a globalized world, where people and their voices encompass a world community, their issues, problems and concerns. 4.) Our academic articles have stated that in many ways modernity is the opposite side of the coloniality coin. How are these two concepts linked and where are they most represented in the novel? 5.) At the book’s conclusion, the queen disappears. Where do you think she goes? Why? 6.) We do not know what happened to Teresa’s baby. Symbolically, what does this aspect related to maternity really mean as regards the story? 7.) Feminism and globalization have certain links. What are some of these and how are they manifested in the text? 8.) Our academic texts have shown how licit/illicit activities many times intertwine and benefit each other. What were some instances that you saw about this duality in the Queen of the South book? 9.) How do the settings offer a good view on the international world of business? Contrast licit/illicit interpretations of this globalized world. 10. Not including Teresa Mendoza, who was your favorite character and why?