Racial Categorization

Academic Conversation Research PaperIn the essays we have been reading, it is easy enough to identify themes, ideas, and motifs that frame and contextualize our discussions. We have discussed writing about education, racial integration, authority, and democratic participation viewed through the lenses of memoir, sociology, anthropology, and politics.Choose a general topic of interest to you. There are many more topics in our readings than mentioned above. Then, identify one article that is relevant to your chosen topic. Read it and summarize its content. Identify another article that is in conversation with the first article: either the second article cites the first article, or the first article cites the second one you find. Read and summarize that second article. Then articulate the relationship between the articles. Why did the earlier article cite the later article? What function did the cited article play in the argument of the article that cited it?This paper requires some careful thinking about the interplay between sources and the larger questions and issues they address. Your paper must wrestle with the larger questions suggested by your reading. Think about the relevance and circumstances of, as well as the interplay between, the articles.You must find academic, scholarly articles for this paper. You can use the databases through library.sbcc.edu, and you have free use of the SBCC library and you have reasonable access to the UCSB libraries as well. The paper must adhere strictly to MLA style. Your paper will be assessed on the substance of the articles you choose, your ability to accurately summarize an argument, the cogency of your observations, and the clarity of your writing. Include an annotated works cited list with your paper.1500 wordsP.S. The short story I chose to do my essay on is Richard Rodriguez’s, “On Becoming a Chicano”