Reconsidering Psychopharmacology: The Logical Approach

Directions: 1. Find a current (within the last 5 years) nursing research article related to pharmacology. Topics can include, but or not limited to, medication administration, medication errors, reducing anxiety with medication/pharmacologic treatments, infection control, cultural beliefs, etc. 2. Submit your article to the Discussion Board on Moodle. Each student must have a unique article, please review article titles submitted by your peers to avoid duplication. If your article has already been selected, you will have to find a new one. Topics can be similar but articles must be different. 3. Type an annotated bibliography that includes 1 2 paragraphs summarizing the article in your own words. Also type 1-2 paragraphs summarizing what you learned from the article and how you will apply it to nursing practice. Submit a Title Page with your bibliography. See Rubric. Example of an annotated bibliography can be found at 4. The paper must be in correct APA Format using correct grammar and spelling. (Title page and your written work) See APA Publication Manual for guidance. 6. Submit written work, in a Word document, on Moodle under assignment Annotated Bibliography 10 points by due date listed on Moodle. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED. If not submitted by due date/time, the student will earn a grade of zero (0/10). 7. Submit research article on Moodle under assignment Annotated Bibliography 10 points. This is due by date/time listed on Moodle.