Reflection paper on Thornton’s ACT 1: politics

The class is about contemporary art.Task:Read Act I of Sarah Thornton’s 33 Artists in 3 Acts; find a recent article about one of the artists discussed in this section that takes a different view from Thornton’s. You will want to start by summarising what Thornton says about the artist (feel free to discuss what you perceive as her assumptions and biases) before summarising the view discussed in the article you have found, and stating whose view you find most compelling and why. Make sure to include one quotation from each source.Criteria:1. write a relevant, clear, and well-developed response 2. quote from sources 3. analyse any assumptions or biases that come across in Thornton’s writing 4. analyse how your own background might have an influence on your own ideas 5. think creatively 6. make sure your conclusion is related to your observations