Rhetorical Devices and Fallacies

Choose an advertisement that contains at least three or four rhetorical devices or fallacies (but more would be better!), from a newspaper or a magazine (in which case you should scan the ad, save it as a PDF) or an online source (i). You CANNOT use video ads for this assignment if you plan to complete the extra credit opportunity associated with this assignment (explained below). Must be 1990- present. Analyze the ad for uses of rhetorical devices or fallacies. Explain which devices you see in the ad, making sure to be specific in your analysis. You must clearly identify the specific parts of the advertisement that you find rhetorical or fallacious. In addition to identifying any rhetorical devices and fallacies, analyze the ad in terms of the following: Who is targeted in the ad (who is the target audience?)? What psychological effect does the ad have on the audience? What subconscious needs or desires among the audience does the ad seem to be playing upon?