Science Fiction Indy Work

To conclude the unit on the Sci-Fi Genre, narrative that MUST contain the following elements: Traditional Science Fiction elements of plot (see Take 5 X-Files classwork worksheets) Elements of IRONY-Verbal, Situational, Dramatic (At least ONE of these!) HIGHLIGHT & LABEL!! ****AND to add to the TWIST, you must include some of the famous 80s/90s ICONS: Milli Vanilli, Marion Barry, Arsenio Hall, Louis Farrakhan, or the Star Trek cast!!!! A Hook-an Introduction to the narrative that catches the audiences attention, foreshadows the conflict in some way later in story, and that serves as way to return to the exposition, as the conflict(s) resolve(s). Examples of Figurative Language: ONAMATOPOEIA, METAPHORS & SIMILES: At least 3 examples of EACH! HIGHLIGHT ALL EXAMPLES & LABEL !!!