Select a multinational enterprise (MNE), and analyze the operations of one of its international subsidiary.

Select a multinational enterprise (MNE), and analyze the operations of one of its international subsidiary. There is no restriction on which country the MNE is from or the industry. The subsidiary selected cannot be in any of the countries analyzed in Assessment task 2 (dont choose Germany because i did germany in my 2nd tasks). The report should identify issues that explain the subsidiary’s performance. Particular attention should be paid to issues such as competition in the subsidiary’s host country, and analysis of the strategy used by the MNE in the host country. The relevant information may be collected from annual reports or other published articles such as those available from the library electronic database, as well as other media. (Please use proper journal articles or annual reports for references). Marking Criteria (please read this carefully): Company Analysis: Resource view of the firm (VRIO analysis framework), organizational strategy and structure, any notable information about the governance, and the position/role of the subsidiary in the organization. Additional info for company analysis: (This report need a very clear identification of the organizations strategy and structure, and the position of the subsidiary in the organizations international network) and (Excellent presentation of the resource-based view of the organization (using VRIO framework). Industry & Institutional analysis: Competition in the industry in the host country (porters five forces), Institutional environment in the host country (selected issues using the formal and informal institutions), identification of key issue and opportunities. Additional info for Industry and Institutional analysis: (This report need a comprehensive analysis of competition in the market (for example information about consumption, market share etc.) and (Comprehensive analysis of the institutional environment in the host country, and identification of the key operational issues). Recommendations: recommendations that address the issues identified in the company, industry and institutional analysis. Some website that could help for references and info: