Solar panels on boats

(Solar panels on boats) Goals of the Project The broader goal for this project is for each group to identify and research a sustainable innovation, share with the other groups, and end with a better understanding of sustainability, both as a concept and application. Developing a basis of understanding of the components of sustainability across a variety of disciplines will improve our decision-making and implementation practices of sustainable innovations. Overall Project Description 1. Choose a sustainable innovation of interest. Be sure to think of something broad enough to find sufficient research about your idea, but narrow enough to be within the parameters of the presentation. 2. Conduct preliminary research in order to prepare an informative proposal. 3. Thoroughly research the innovation, implementation, cost/benefits, risks, etc. enough to prepare a comprehensive exhibit. The presentation should inform and convince your audience (your fellow classmates will play this role) to implement the particular innovation. Proposal 1-2 pages that include the following sections LABELLED WITH THESE HEADERS: Introduction brief description of innovation and why you chose this particular one. Sustainability address the three components: o economic, o social, and o environmental practicability. Impact-groups/campuses/businesses that have done this, cost analysis benefit analysis, possible or probable obstacles, etc. What current practice would this replace? What environmental issues would that impact? Implementation-what do you ultimately plan to achieve with this project? Detail the positive and negative impacts and how they will affect the stakeholders. Effectiveness Timeline both for the course of your project and the innovation installation. *at the end of each section, write questions you still have and need to address. What do you still need to figure out? What research do you need to do? Highlight these. In addition to the typical research methods, try innovative approaches – call or email other colleges or businesses to gain a better understanding of alternative methods, interview on-campus stakeholders, contractors, students, and ANYONE who might have input about your idea