Specters of Belonging

The book is: Specters of Belonging: The Political Life Cycle of Mexican Migrants, Felix Adrian (Oxford University Press, 2018) Structure: times new roman, single-spaced, 1300 words -write your thesis, and whether the author achieves the stated purpose of the book -summarize the book -identify the book’s strengths -identify the book’s weaknesses -then write your assessment of its strengths and weaknesses -conclusion Guidelines: -evaluate the text, don’t just summarise. Some restatement is important but also make a judgment. (is the book a contribution to the field? should it be read and by whom? does it relate to current debates in the field?) -don’t use too many quotes, paraphrase or use short quotes within sentences -say things as simply and clearly as possible. Get to the point. be direct and clear -a good book review summarizes the book, lists its strengths and weaknesses, and avoids multiple block quotes from the work