Strategic Research Implementing strategic management to change the safety culture of an Organization

Research Paper Structure Please generally follow this provided structure, though you can make minor adaptations to it as appropriate. 1. Abstract This is a summary/overview of the whole paper It should be about 100 words Tells the reader what the entire paper is about AND what it does/says/argues/finds/discovers 2. Introduction Introduction to the paper and topic Connection(s) to existing research, findings, and managerial practice Motivation for and purpose of the study Research question(s) Overview of the paper Identify the theoretical perspective(s) being taken in the paper Might include some definitions 3. Theoretical Background Overview/review/summary/identification of the literature/research/findings/ideas relevant to the ideas/content of the paper; there may be multiple streams of relevant research over years or decades Should compare and contrast the existing literature, showing areas of agreement and disagreement between scholars Should identify recent developments in literature/knowledge as well as summarize historical development Show how various areas of research relate to each other (e.g. 1. banking industry research and strategy research or 2. franchising literature and literature on innovation) 4. Theory Development and Discussion Present discussion and arguments for your new ideas about the topic that you are discussing; Formally state your new ideas in the form of propositions or hypotheses Present and discuss arguments that support your ideas/propositions/hypotheses Describe your ideas with a figure/picture/table/matrix/graph/other (e.g. Porter’s models or Maslow’s hierarchy) 5. Methods and Tests of Theoretical Ideas Methods used for testing and why particular methods are used Empirical or other analysis (statistical analysis/quantitative/qualitative/case study, other) Sample, procedures, research design, variables (dependent, independent, controls) Present descriptive data and empirical findings/results (means, distribution, correlations, regressions) 6. Discussion of your Ideas/Findings/Contributions and Discuss their Implications Identify relevance of your ideas/thoughts/propositions to scholars Identify relevance of your ideas/thoughts/propositions to managers Discuss implications for managerial practice and for relevant research Identify to whom and how/why the ideas/findings/arguments are relevant 7. Directions for Future Research What do we still not know about your field and how can we research it? What empirical studies need to be done and how could or should they be done? Should we study your topic in other countries, industries, or settings? How, why? 8. Conclusion Summarize paper; restatement of contributions made by the paper 9. References (30 to 50+ references depending on the topic) These very substantially reference academic/scholarly journals Often there is reference to current events or items of relevance in the popular press (e.g. WSJ, Economist, BusinessWeek, etc.) 10. Appendices and/or attachments