Summary of Professional Networking or Job Search Experiences

Overview No reference page As a graduate student, it is your responsibility to ensure that your time in the field is spent effectively learning the profession you are pursuing through this degree program. To aid in this experience, each week submit a summary that includes examples of professional networking opportunities or potential job search experiences. If you plan to remain at your same employer after graduation, it is important to begin to network within the agency as well as the local community. If you have an interest in pursuing new employment opportunities it is beneficial to begin to explore what career opportunities are available to you. This week I am exploring ways I get the my social work license as I am talking to colleagues who previously passed the exam. Please elaborate more about the social worker exams and the process. Previous week Networking is significant in career development, relationship building, and knowledge sharing. After graduation, am planning to remain at my current job at office on aging. However, I would like to continue networking by forging personal connections with colleagues, forming relationships that are mutually beneficial. As a social worker, professional networking with colleagues with help me to stay informed regarding the latest developments in the field, and also to ensure that I remain relevance both in practice and in research. I look forward to utilizing operational, personal, and strategic professional networks. I will begin by engaging in operational networking by connecting with individuals in my current organization through departmental/organization functions to ensure that I meet immediate intra-organizational needs. Second, I will engage in personal networking through conferences with the aim of building connections throughout the industry to enhance my professional prospects. I look forward to utilizing different networking opportunities through academic and professional conferences. Other professional networking opportunities am set to utilize are seminars and lecturers. In this events, participants present research and later engage in question and answer with various established experts in the field of social worker.