Sustainable Tourism Marketing

Analyse the websites of the following two ecolodges. 1. Adansonia Ecolodge South Africa and 2. Phophonyane Ecolodge in Swaziland Critically evaluate the two accommodation products according to the following criteria: – clarity of sustainability values behind the product – ease of understanding (from consumer perspective) about the advertised product really being sustainable – role of sustainability in a guest experience as suggested by the advertising – adherence to quality label(s) or certification schemes Comment on whether you believe the lodges can justify the use of eco in their promotion materials presented on their websites. What would you recommend the two lodges do to improve their websites in terms of sustainability information? The assignment needs to be presented as a written professional report and appropriately referenced. The use of tables, illustrations and figures are highly recommended. The report must be a maximum of 1000 words, excluding references, tables and captions. Reading list: Graci, S. and Dodds, R. (2015) Certification and labelling. In (Hall et al., eds) The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Sustainability. New York. Routledge. p. 200-208. – Moscardo, G. and Hughes, K. (2018) All aboard! Strategies for engaging guests in corporate responsibility programmes. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 26:7, 1257- 1272 – Sirakaya-Turk, E. et al. (2014) The Efficacy of Sustainability Values in Predicting Travelers Choice for Sustainable Hospitality Businesses. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 55(1) 115-126 – Villarino, J. and Font, X. (2015) Sustainability Marketing Myopia: the lack of sustainability communication persuasiveness. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 21 (4) 326-335