Technology Vs Family

For this last essay of the term, your job is to add your voice to this conversation. In particular, your writing should work to address the following question: How concerned should families be about this emerging smart technology, especially considering that it will likely get smarter, be more and more frictionless and embedded in all that we do, and even one day soon, may look and feel more “human” and less machine-like? If we cannot be there emotionally for each other as these writers tend to suggest, should we entrust our and our kids’ emotional lives to a machine? (talk about how technology isn’t good for families)• An introduction that smartly introduces the topic and that smoothly leads into your thesis. Consider how the writers that we have read introduce and conclude their works;• A thesis statement that expresses your overall stance on the above prompt;• Body paragraphs with strong topic sentences that clearly help to advance and support youroverall thesis;• Appropriate use of quotes from the above mentioned writers and from any others that we haveread this term, your goal being to show your readers that you have considered the ideas of other writers as you share your own perspective. This does not mean that you have to quote or reference every writer, just the few that most appropriately align with what you’re trying to accomplish in your writing;• Demonstrated use of adjective clauses, noun phrase appositives, and verbal phrases to create smoother, more sophisticated writing while providing richer description for nouns and/or subjects in your sentences; underline/highlight a few for me;• A conclusion that DOES NOT begin with the words, “In conclusion,” and that offers your readers something more than just a restatement of what you already have written; consider how the writers we have read conclude their works;• A title that effectively and authentically sets the mood or tone for reading your essay. I often find the perfect title to be some key word or phrase that I have used in my essay;• A “Works Cited” page that captures the source materials you used in your paper.