The negative effect of technology on everyday life

Your paper should reference a minimum of five scholarly sources, cited and referenced in APA format. Your assembled paper should consist of: A title page. An abstract. A clear introduction to the topic. A thesis statement, your position, and arguments. A summary and conclusion that discusses the implications (including the ethical implications) of your position and conclusions. A page of APA-cited references. Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information. Requirements for the Assignment To achieve a successful experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements: Written Communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message, follows standard English grammar usage, and uses language appropriate for professionals in the field of psychology. APA Formatting: Paper, references, and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting. Length: 5-7 pages (not including title page, abstract, and references), double-spaced. Font and Font Size: 12-point, Times New Roman.