The rise of eSports – Analysis and potential of the German eSports market

This short research-paper should give an outline on an upcoming possible master thesis with the headline: The rise of E-Sport – Analysis and potential of the German E-Sport marketWithin the research-paper the author should:1. ) Summarize the relevance of the question: Why is it relevant for E-Sports to become the status of an official sport in Germany?2. ) list possible relevant main literature to cover the topic.3. ) Give an outlook of themes to be covered within the master thesis: analyze & comparison of German and US E-Sport market, comparison of acceptance of E-Sports in those countries, interviews with stakeholders of the industry (players/athletes, event organizers, producer, politicians) this should be analyzed with the qualitative method (mayring method) to be able to give a forecast/outlook about “Creating acceptance of E-Sports in Germany.