The shale gas fracking in the UK.

Instructions: 1. Title: The shale gas fracking in the UK. 2. Question: whether there is a future for UK in relation to shale gas fracking and its green policies and regulations? 3. Word limit 15,000. Double spaced. Type Times new roman style. Oxford style. 4. Index and footnotes, bibliography. ……….. Dont forget to Write in the essay about the points mentioned below to support the main question above and more around UK shale gas fracking. + whether there is a different legal regime for shale gas fracking in England, wales, Scotland and north Ireland, and what are the economic and environmental and safety risks for shale gas fracking? + Is there any international conventions or protocols regulations that UK is a party to it. + Compare Romania and US to UK in relation to whether shale gas fracking is good or not for UK as in comparing the US anti shale gas fracking to the Romanians supporting shale gas fracking.