The strength of commitment to lifestyle self-Management among Jordanian patients with diabetes mellitus type 2.

This paper should include an introduction about Diabetes Mellitus prevalence and effect, impact of lifestyle on DM (diet, exercise, and weight) worldwide and specifically in Jordan, the literature review will highlight the recent articles related to patients’ commitment to diabetes self-management and lifestyle changes. the design of this study will be a descriptive cross sectional in adult patient diagnosed with DM type 2 using a demographic and commitment to lifestyle self-management (CLSM) questionnaire on convenient sample from 5 governmental, educational and private hospital in Jordan. In this research paper, I need to specify the aim, importance (how the result could be beneficial to the healthcare sector), summary of a research project, methodology (study design, data collection procedure, ethical consideration, data analysis (proposed). Aim: is assess the attitude and behaviors of adult patient with DM type 2 to dietary and weight control management and to measure the strength of commitment to lifestyle self-management among Jordanian patients.