Training and Development

This assignment will require that you identify an individual, develop questions, conduct the interview, and write up your findings. Units 1-6 are to inform the project. Instructions Identify a person who is currently working within a training and development function at any organization. Based on your reading of the course material, develop a set of questions that allows you to explore training AND development within the organization. In this assignment, your aim will be to understand the macro or strategic perspective of the organization as well as the way it is operationalized in the opportunities available to employees. In your write up, include the name of the individual you interviewed, their role, the name of the organization and the industry in which it operates. Develop your own questions using the material reviewed in the text as a guide. Once you have completed your interview, you will write a 1500 word report describing what you have learned. The interview questions need to be included as an appendix. Criteria for success Your assignment will be graded on (1) how well it uses the course material as a foundation for developing interview questions; (2) how well the findings from the interview directly address the focus of the paper; and (3) how well you are able to articulate the connection between the theory described in the course and the practice of training and development. Format All projects should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, with default margin settings. If you reference the text or other resources, use an appropriate citation format (e.g., APA, MLA). (Please note there is no need to use sources beyond your text to complete this assignment.) I will email you the chapters. Its more then 10MB