Trauma Informed Care: Human Sex Trafficking Victims

Students will prepare an eight-page, double-spaced paper that analyzes the current world event chosen (attached – human sex trafficking in Washington State) from a Trauma Informed Care approach. Students will create a cohesive paper formulating a plan of action/treatment plan from the perspective of Trauma Informed Care to address the current world events and trauma outlined in the Current Events Paper. The paper will demonstrate the following competencies: 1) Articulate an understanding of Trauma Informed Care; 2) Integrate the course knowledge of theory with treatment implications; 3) Create a treatment plan including the investigation of people in the current events histories related to trauma as a community, individual or culture; recognize and define possible trauma symptoms on a micro and macro scale, and present the role that trauma has/may impact the individual and community going forward; 4) Analyze a traumatic event in the context of trauma theory, characteristics of trauma experiences and reactions relative to a chosen population, empirical approaches to prevention, intervention, and treatment, and additional considerations in the context of post-traumatic stress reactions and development of co-occurring substance use disorders. Students are expected to use at least eight peer-reviewed sources. The Treatment Paper must meet APA 6th edition requirements of format and style. Students must cite the sources of all ideas, facts, and information used that are not their own, even if they have put the information into their own words. – MAKE SURE ALL IDEAS/THOUGHTS/INFORMATION IS CITED – Failure to do so is plagiarism, even if the oversight is unintentional.