Understanding Media Configuration

Summary This assignment is the first step to increasing your analytical, academic, and critical engagement skills, as well as building our transferable skills such as research, time management/project planning, adhering to format rules, and over time develop an argument. Assignment Description Throughout the first section of the semester you will start to engage with academic research and writing. After this process, you will propose an individual academic essay (proposal to be 200 words, referencing three sources minimum). In order to pass the proposal stage and to accommodate part of the assignment requirements you need to connect your work to the discussion of one of the key themes identified in the first 5 classes, and locate one media text of your choice to use as an example for your contribution to that discussion. Your examples can be included either as a single specific case study (a film, a book, an artist, song etc.) or a more general complex of media (online gaming, subscription music, grime music genre etc.) central to the work. This is an academic essay, but a brief one, so ensure you have enough depth to your subject, connecting the concepts you address and the media elements you utilize, rather than listing brief statements: ensure there is an argument building. You are required to write a 200 word proposal highlighting the key theme chosen from class, it is your papers research core; the proposal needs to list the 3 (!) main readings you plan to utilize in deepening your understanding of the subject (this may include shorter articles, but needs to have one article or book chapter critically engaging with the concept/key theme chosen). The final paper needs to be a minimum of 1500 words, 10pt Times New Roman or Ariel font in a PDF or Word document, double spaced, and will be assessed against the learning outcomes 1 and 2. You may include images where helpful for your argument, as well as tables or charts. When using charts/images found on the internet please link/reference accordingly using the CU Harvard Style Guide. Expect to spend several hours a week on preparing the paper and allot enough time to write the paper so as to not submit your work last minute. Technical failure or job interference will NOT count as a reason to submit work late. This assignment accounts for 50% of this modules marks. Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Assignment This assignment assesses the following module learning outcomes: LOs 1. demonstrate and articulate in writing and verballyan understanding of the meaning and significance of key concepts in media and communication; 2. apply key concepts effectively through the critical observation of, and reflection upon, media, cultural or communication objects; Ethics The ethical issues associated with this brief will be covered on the module. However, the work that you will carry out on this module does not require you to obtain ethical clearance for your individual project. If, during discussion with your module tutor, it is felt that ethical clearance is needed, you will be advised of the process and the deadline for obtaining that clearance. If clearance is not obtained by the deadline, then you will not be able to proceed with the project. If you do so without clearance, the project will not be accepted for submission, will not be marked and you may face disciplinary penalties. For full details of the Universitys policy on ethics, please click here. The CU Ethics portal can be found here. What You Need to Deliver 13 June – One paper proposal (200 words, including hashtags and readings lists) 08 July – One academic essay at least 1500 words in length, following academic guidelines Submission Requirements The proposal on 13 June needs to be submitted via the proposal link. Both proposal and paper need to be in word or PDF formats only. Your full academic essay for CW1 for this module will be submitted by 18.00 on 08 July via the Turnitin link on the modules Moodle space. You must include your full name in the file titles of all documents submitted. You must make every effort to submit the best work possible prior to the deadline . If your assignment is submitted online please do not leave it until the last minute to submit. Aim to submit in the working day before or on the deadline, or earlier, in cas e there are problems submitting. If you fail to submit work for the module or submit an assessed piece of work late without an agreed extension, you will receive a mark of 0% for that piece of work, even if it is one minute late. You will however be eligi ble for a re pass,sit attempt at the next available assessment opportunity where your mark will be capped at 40%. , if you If you fail the resit assignment, or fail to submit for it, you have only one more attempt at the assignment. If you fail this assi gnment on the first submission, the resit brief for the module can be found on the modules Moodle space. Read this carefully and book a tutorial with the Module Leader to ensure that you are clear about what you need to do to pass the module at the resit Assessment and Feedback opportunity. A rubric detailing the breakdown of points for marking will be provided closer to the time of the proposal. final paper for 30%. As the coursework counts for 50% of the module mark the proposal will stand for 20% of these and the final paper for 30%