What are the literary and theological functions of the gift of tongues in the books of Acts? Based upon these functions should speaking in tongues be practiced today?

RESEARCH PROJECT THESIS STATEMENT, OUTLINE, AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY INSTRUCTIONS After collecting, reading, and evaluating the research materials, you will produce your Thesis Statement, Outline, and Annotated Bibliography for the Research Paper. The annotated bibliography will include the 8 sources from the Working Bibliography formatted correctly in current Turabian format. For each source on the bibliography, you will include a 200250-word annotation explaining the key argument of the source, the doctrinal position expressed in the source, the strengths and weaknesses of the source, and the place of the source within the scope of the Research Paper. Use the template provided to help you organize and format this assignment. To use the template, simply remove the instructions included [inside the brackets] and replace with your own information following the instructions provided there. Using the topic and research materials collected throughout the course, you will write a 2,0002,500-word research-based paper in current Turabian format. The paper must include at least 8 scholarly references in addition to the Bible. Your final submission for this paper must include: a title page, your 2,0002,500 Research Paper, and a reference page. Consult the sample paper provided to help you with formatting the paper.