What can you do now to integrate the experiences and insights you had in the MBA program with your personal and professional development goals?

Assignment: Individual Reflection: BPPG Part Two: Completing the MBA Program Assessment Comprehensive Exam provided by Peregrine Academic Services and Completing Your Reflection Journal By Day 7 Submit both parts of the assignment, which include the following: Part 2A: Completing the MBA Program Assessment Complete the designated MBA program level assessment as a requirement of your Capstone BPPG assignment. The exam is available to you throughout this week. Once you access the exam, you will have a 48-hour window to complete the exam and you may access it up to three times during that time period. The exam itself should take you a total of approximate 1 to 2 hours. 1. To begin the registration process, follow the on-screen instructions found at the following URL: MBA Program Level Assessment Your password is: ***** 2. The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your exam/course link for taking the exam at the e-mail address you provide to us. 3. Select the option: WMBA 6990 Capstone: Sustainable Business Practices and Strategies If you have any problems with the registration process, please visit the technical support page. Important: Once you have completed the assessment, save a copy of your completion certificate and store it in a safe place on your computer. You will need to submit this as part of your BPPG in Week 5. Submission and Grading Information To submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following: Please save your Assignment using the naming convention WK5AssgnP2A+last name+first initial.(extension) as the name. Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as WK5AssgnP2A+last name+first initial.(extension) and click Open. If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database. Click on the Submit button to complete your submission. Check Your Assignment Draft for Authenticity To check your Assignment draft for authenticity: Submit your Week 5 Assignment draft and review the originality report. Submit Your Assignment by Day 7 To submit your Assignment: Week 5 Assignment Part 2A Part 2B: Completing Your BPPG Reflection Journal For Part 2B of this Assignment, recall the concepts or topics you selected as part of your Executive Summary in Part 1. It is now time to bring this commitment to life. To do this, identify concrete action items that will support your goal to deepen your personal learning experience in the coming year. Then, consider the following: What can you do now to integrate the experiences and insights you had in the MBA program with your personal and professional development goals? What are the most important things you are taking from your MBA program that will shape your future and enable you to make a positive difference? You wrote an entry into your BPPG in the first course that asked you to reflect on what you might say if you were giving a commencement speech. Review that entry now. Would you change it? If so, go ahead and revise it! Write a detailed action plan for one new goal for professional and personal development (you will continue to build on the list of goals you started in your previous course). Include the following in your action plan: Your specific goal for professional and personal development with an explanation as to why you selected the goal. Be sure to provide concrete and specific examples of why the goal is important, the extent to which this goal enables you to be an agent for positive social change, the personal or professional value you expect from achieving each goal, and how the goal relates to the resources you reviewed in the course. At least two objectives for the goal you have identified. Provide a rationale that explains how your objectives support the goal. General Guidance on Assignment Length: Part 2B of Your BPPG, your reflection and action plan, will typically be 1 to 2 single-spaced pages. Refer to the Week 5 Assignment rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work.