What is it (a bowl, cup, unknown)

The paper will be a detailed analysis of two works on display at the museum. The primary emphasis of the paper is the description and analysis, informed by style and historical contexts.1) What is it (a bowl, cup, unknown)?2) Who made it (which group of Native American archaeological cultures)?3) How was it used? If you are not sure, you might be able to guess by its size and shape.4) Describe it. Include the following information:> Size: how big is it?> Form: what shape is it?> Color: What color is the clay?> Decoration: Is there a design painted on it or carved into it? Describe the design. Was it painted? What color or colors were used?> Condition: what is its condition? Is it chipped or was it broken and repaired, etc.?5) Why did you select this object (you thought that it was beautiful, well-made, unusual, strange, you liked the designs that decorate it, etc.)?