What is the value of a mans life?

What is the value of a mans life? This seems to be the major issues of Citizen Kane. Yet the writers of The Simpsons seem to be more concerned with “What is of value in a mans life?” How do you consider both questions in light of Its A Wonderful Life, and Citizen Kane and “Rosebud”? Based on your reading of The Doh! of Homer and from viewing the program episodes as well as the other works read, are the subjects weighty enough to be main points of American culture and to have influence on the myths of American life, how are these handled in Citizen Kane et al? All work must be completed to receive a course grade. All assignments must be submitted as an attachment typed double-spaced in Times New Roman or Courier 12-point font. All drafts and notes must be saved and submitted attached with the final draft to receive full credit for the essay. Failure to complete all assignments and requirements can earn an F for the course.