Women in Recovery Dawna Twyman Liberty University ?

Women in Recovery Dawna Twyman Liberty University ? Abstract Alcohol and drug addiction is something that affects millions of people in, the United States and around the world. Addiction is something that will make or break an individual. As a whole, society is more understanding when it comes to rehabilitation, addictions are treated, and the those in treatment are eventually able to overcome that which has held them down. I spent four sessions with Women in Recovery, a group for just women dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. They meet every Sunday at 2p.m. in Martinsburg, WV at 118 W. Martin Street. Introduction References Jacobs, E. E., Schimmel, C. J., Masson, R. L., Harvill, R. L (2016) Group counseling: Strategies and skills. (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage. Forsyth, D. (2016). Group dynamics. (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage. Hoggatt, K, J., Jamison, A. L., Lehavot, K., Cucciare, M. A., Timko, C,. & Simpson, T. L. (2015). Alcohol and drug misuse, abuse, and dependence in women veterans. Epidemiologic Reviews. 37 (1). 23-37. AA Literature: This Is A.A.: An Introduction to The A.A. Recovery Program (2018). Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc.