Woodrow Wilson: The concept of the Politics/Administration Dichotomy

1. Based on Woodrow Wilson’s The Study of Administration”, discuss the concept of the Politics/Administration Dichotomy. Wilson wrote of the operation of government. Write an essay with a thesis statement that takes a position on the question: Is the dichotomy relevant to the leadership of government today? Defend your position by citing at least two scholarly references. The essay should be at least 800 words, APA format with in-text citations and appropriate resource page. Scoring: The grade is based on the following percentages: 40% on theory/concept accuracy along with a minimum of two outside resources, 40% on theory application, 10% on paper organization and 10% on writing style, formatting, spelling & grammar. Aside from the two scholarly references, below are some additional resources to implement into the assignment: – Leadership Theory and Practice by Peter G. Northouse. Seventh Edition. 2016. SAGE Publishing. ISBN: 978-4833-1753-3 – Servant Leadership Video (https://youtu.be/QTiUy8uSWtE) – Wilson Woodrow section of Classics of Public Administration (seventh edition)Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage ISBN: 978-0495189565