Workplace gender segregation

For this discussion, you will be discussing the gender make-up of your future (or current) occupation. Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics webpage that provides data on the gender make-up of various occupations in the U.S.. the occupation that you are or will be working in once you obtain your degree. Make sure to look through the entire list closely and choose which class of the occupation fits best (health care management ) If you are undecided or can’t find your exact occupation, pick one that you think is closest. Make sure you choose the individual occupation data, not the category overall. Once you have selected it, provide the following information:The occupation you choose- healthcare managementThe percentage of female workersWhy you think this is? Is it because one gender is better suited for the occupation? Is it a result of socialization (i.e. men do physical work while women are care givers)? Think nature (biological) vs. nurture (socialization).Would you expect the “minority” gender to experience problems? For example, would a women working as an electrician experience difficulty doing her job because coworkers or customers might not think she is qualified? If you have ever witnessed a situation like this in the workplace, please share.