Write a 1000-word essay in response to the following prompt:Of all the poets we read in this unit, whose poetry do you like best?

Write a 1000-word essay in response to the following prompt:Of all the poets we read in this unit, whose poetry do you like best? Choose one of the poets and analyze some of the formal elements we’ve looked at in his or her poems to explain why this poet’s work engages, interests, or speaks to you.Choose from the following poets:Frank BidartTyehimba JessCampbell McGrathAdrienne RichEvie ShockleyPatricia SmithSome poems that you can use that we have read from this class are:- Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich-The Everglades by Campbell McGrath-Blind Boone’s Apparitions by Tyehimba Jess-clare’s song by Evie Shockley-Medusa by Patricia SmithHere are some suggestions:You might start by writing about what you like in a poem. What engages you, interests you, and speaks to you. (It’s fine to use first person in this paper.) Use part of your introduction to introduce the formal elements that you will examine in the body of the essay. You might also define these either in the introduction or later in the paper. Be sure that your thesis directly responds to the prompt above.Focus each body paragraph on either one element or one poem. The purpose is to show what you know about how formal elements contribute to the meaning a poem conveys, the feelings it evokes, and the connection it makes with you as a reader. Select two to four formal elements to examine in the paper, from the following list: diction, tone, speaker, line, imagery, figures of speech, sound devices. Be sure to use at least two specific textual details in every body paragraph to illustrate your main points.Use your conclusion to restate your thesis and to explore the significance and implications of your argument. Why does your argument matter? Who or what does it impact? What are the implications for readers of contemporary poetry today or for you as a reader of poetry?Adhere to MLA style in document formatting and citing source material.In addition to the poems we read in class, you may bring in additional poems from the poet. You may also use Abrams to help you define key terms. Don’t bring in biographical information about the poet, though, and don’t use other people’s analyses of the poems. I want to see you connecting with and making sense of the poems.Remember that failure to document source material is a serious error and may lead to charges of plagiarism in the paper.A Works Cited page is required.Also keep Clarity throughout the entire essay!!!